PHSD instructors are experienced at getting results in their own learning and performance, and they know how to get great results from others. Whatever your level or goals—from novice to professional—the instructors will help you reach your potential. There isn’t a more dedicated team of people than the world-class instructors that Jack and Reid assemble for PHSD. Students are always enthusiastic about the quality of instruction they receive at PHSD!

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Jack Lee

Jack is one of the most respected pipers in the World. He has won Gold Medals, Bratach Gorms, Clasps and the Glenfiddich Championship. Simon Fraser University recognized Jack’s outstanding success as a performer, teacher and ambassador for piping with an Honorary Doctorate Degree in Fine Arts. Jack’s company produces outstanding pipes, pipe bags and chanter reeds, and has available an online archive of over 3,400 recordings made by Jack. See www.leeandsonsbagpipes.com for details.

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J. Reid Maxwell

Reid has an amazing record of accomplishments at the top in the pipe band world. Apart from his six World and four World Drum Corps titles with SFU, Reid has won the titles with two other Grade 1 bands, one of them as lead drummer! He has also appeared in the final of the World Solo Drumming Championship on many occasions, and he teaches drummers and drum corps all across the World. His engaging teaching style captures students’ imaginations wherever he teaches, and especially at PHSD!

donald lindsay

Donald Lindsay

Donald is one of the World’s most knowledgeable and inspirational teachers of piobaireachd. Many pipers come to PHSD especially for the “Donald Lindsay Experience”.


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P/M Stuart Liddell

Stuart is one of the most gifted pipers in the World today. He has won three Clasps at Inverness, the Senior Piobaireachd at Oban and both Gold Medals. Stuart is a two-time Glenfiddich Champion, and in 2015 won both the Oban Senior Piobaireachd and the Glenfiddich Piobaireachd. Stuart’s Inveraray and District Pipe Band was the 2016 Champion of Champions, winning the overall prize for the season including runnersup at the World’s. At PHSD, you’ll have plenty of chances to hear and learn from Stuart.

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Steven McWhirter

Steven won his sixth straight World Solo Drumming Championship in 2016, giving him seven overall. Steven is also an incredible and very experienced teacher, and his Inveraray and District Pipe Band has one of the top corps in the World. Steven also writes custom drum scores for bands at all levels. Come to PHSD to hear Steven play, and don’t miss the chance to learn from one of the greats!

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P/M Terry Lee

Terry is one of the most successful pipe majors of all time, having won the World Championship six times as P/M of SFU. Terry is a gifted tutor for soloists and band players, and a master at developing player potential. Simon Fraser University recognized Terry’s 36 years of amazing performance, teaching and organizing with an Honorary Doctorate Degree in Fine Arts.

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 Owen Russell

Owen is one of the World‘s great tenor drummers and a terrific instructor for drummers at all levels. He commutes to SFU band practice from Minnesota and has been a member of the band for many years. Owen will be teaching during both weeks of the school.

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P/M Alan Bevan

Pipe Major Alan Bevan has won the Oban and Inverness Gold Medals, the Donald MacLeod Memorial and many other top solo prizes. Alan is in his fourth season as the Pipe Major of SFU. His playing and teaching abilities have put him among the best in both solo and band fields, and he has a lot to pass on at PHSD.


 Christina Hanks

Christina has deep experience teaching and performing bass and tenor, including Grade 1 bass with Oran Mor Pipe Band, and she currently plays tenor with the 78th Fraser Highlanders. Christina will be teaching at PHSD during Week Two in 2017.