The Piping Hot Summer Drummer Pipe Bands - 2018 

 The Piping Hot Summer Drummer Pipe Band is a fun and important learning opportunity at PHSD. The Grade 5 band is available to pipers and drummers during both weeks of the school. Participating is completely optional. Band practices are late in the afternoons and are in addition to your regular classes.

The PHSD Pipe Band will perform at the Kamloops Highland Games on July 14th as well as the Student Ceilidhs and other events during both weeks. The PHSD Pipe Band performs in kilts and navy polo shirts. Don’t miss this fabulous opportunity to learn terrific pipe band skills in a very fun and rewarding way. Tunes and details will be coming soon.


The Grade 5 band is performing at the Kamloops Games on July 14, 2018.  Here are the tunes:


Mary’s Wedding - pipes | snare | bass & tenor

Castle Dangerous
 - pipes | snare | bass & tenor

Piping Hot Summer Drummer’s 25th Anniversary
 - pipes | snare (tba) | bass & tenor (tba)

Pipers Cave
- pipes | snare | bass & tenor