The Piping Hot Summer Drummer Pipe Bands - 2017 

At Piping Hot Summer Drummer 2017, we are delighted to have two PHSD Pipe Bands: Grade 4 & Grade 5.  Playing in the PHSD Pipe Bands is completely optional and available to all registered pipers and drummers at Piping Hot Summer Drummer.  We set aside some time each afternoon for pipe band practices. It is a terrific way to learn pipe band skills, learn new tunes, meet new people plus have a lot of fun.  

The Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association (RSPBA) has changed the tune requirements for 2017 and the BC Pipers Association have adopted these changes. As a result the tune requirements for both of our PHSD Pipe Bands have also changed this year at the Kamloops Games. (We are actually very enthusiastic about it since the tunes are so musical)

GRADE 5 – Now plays 4 Marches from the RSPBA list

GRADE 4 – Now plays 2 separate events.  Event 1 (MSR) – plays a March Strathspey and Reel selected from the RSPBA list.  Event 2 (Medley) – this is a medley of our own choice

Both bands are performing at the Kamloops Games on July 8, 2017.  Here are the tunes:


PHSD Grade 5 Pipe Band  

Corriecholllie’s Welcome to the Northern Meeting - pipes | snare | bass & tenor

Teribus - pipes | snare | bass & tenor

Sweet Maid of Glendaruel - pipes | snare | bass & tenor 

Piper’s Cave - pipes | snare | bass & tenor

PHSD Grade 4 Pipe Band MSR

Duncan MacInnes - pipes | snare | bass | tenor

Caledonian Canal -pipes | snare | bass | tenor

Lexy MacAskill pipes | snare | bass | tenor

PHSD Grade 4 Pipe Band Medley

Cha Till MacCrimmon - pipes | snare | bass & tenor

Harlow's Fancy -pipes | snare | bass & tenor & tenor

Cha Till MacCrimmon pipes | snare

Mac an Irish pipes | snare | bass & tenor

Strathan pipes | snare | bass & tenor

MacArthur Road pipes | snare | bass & tenor