Piping Hot Summer Drummer offers a number of full or partial scholarships to assist students attending the school. There are 16 scholarships available:

Alan Bevan, Senior Memorial Scholarship

A number of years ago a group of students from Alberta, who attended PHSD, established a scholarship in Alan Senior’s name.   This is a full one-week scholarship available to any piper or drummer.  The scholarship is continuing to be provided by the Bevan family.

Anonymous Scholarship

This scholarship has been made available from an anonymous donor. This is a one-week scholarship awarded to an adult piper.

Doug Carey & Tina Rothenburg

This scholarship has been kindly provided by Doug Carey and Tina Rothenburg. Doug is the long-time Bass Drummer in the Quesnel Pipe Band. This is full one-week scholarship available to any young drummer.

Trent Donaldson Memorial Scholarship

Trent Donaldson was a piper and highland dancer from Seattle, WA. Although he started piping in his mid-30s, he grew up embracing his Scottish roots and culture.  Trent was an active member of the Stewart Highlanders Pipe Band and was very involved the Scottish cultural scene, especially in the Pacific Northwest.  Trent was very benevolent and generous, always one to offer help others at any opportunity to do so.  Unfortunately, he bravely fought but succumbed to cancer much too soon at age 54.  This scholarship is offered by his family in his honor. Trent fully embraced activities he loved and he would want to share not only the enthusiasm but that same opportunity with as many people as possible.  He lived and loved fully and this scholarship hopes to inspire the same in others.  These are TWO separate 1-week scholarships available to any piper or drummer.

Ebenezer Bagsqueezer Senior Scholarships

The “EBSS” is two separate one-week scholarships – one for a piper and the other for a drummer.  Kindly provided by Donn Pratt these scholarships are designed to help encourage any piper or drummer who taken up these instruments as adults.

Ian Ferguson Scholarship

Ian is an older student who will, in his next life, start to practice at a much earlier age.  That said, this scholarship for one week may be applied for by any young person interested in piping, drumming or dancing.

Rob Hansen Memorial Scholarship

In 2015 Portland Police Highland Guard Band suffered a tragic loss with the death of founding Drum Sergeant Robin Hansen. Rob was a decorated emergency 911 dispatcher and reserve deputy sheriff in Clackamas County Oregon. He was a devoted husband and dad. Rob had just retired from a most stressful career, soon to find out that he had pancreatic cancer.  Rob was a long-time drummer from a rock band to the passion of the Highland Guard bagpipe Band. "Drums nothing but drums" was a quote from him. This is a full one-week tuition scholarship available to any drummer. Preference given, but NOT limited to, the Portland Oregon Metro area applicants.

Charles Henry Memorial Scholarship

Charles (Charlie) Henry learned to play the bagpipes as a cadet with the Seaforth Highlanders before WWII.  After serving in WWII, Charlie played with various pipe band organizations, serving as Pipe Major for some, throughout British Columbia.  This is a full, one-week tuition scholarship for any young piper.

Wallace Lee Memorial Scholarship
Wallace Lee was the father of Terry, Jack, Maureen and Moira and grandfather to the many Lee grandchildren.  Wallace was not a piper himself but became involved and was extremely encouraging to all his children and grandchildren.  At one point, all of the Lee children and grandchildren either piped, drummed or highland danced.  They all give credit to the encouragement and mentoring from Wallace Lee.  This is a one-week scholarship available to any young piper.

Archie Patterson Memorial Scholarship

Archie Patterson was a career soldier in the Canadian Armed Forces who served in two wars (WWII and Korea). He marched many a mile to the tunes of military pipers. This is a one-week tuition scholarship for a piping student. The scholarship is provided by one of his sons.

Stewart Family Scholarship

This scholarship has been donated by Dale and Valerie Stewart. Their daughter Peyton plays the pipes. She attended her first PHSD in 2013 (at age 10). It was such a positive and fun experience for not only Peyton but for the whole family (their dog included) that they wanted to help another family with a young piper. This is a full one week tuition scholarship for a piper.

Mary K. Stewart Scholarships

These two scholarships are kindly provided by Mary and Hugh Stewart.   Hugh Stewart is a PHSD piping student and Mary is a Management Consultant.  The Stewart’s know the joy that a young person discovers as she/he learns to play an instrument.  These are two full one-week scholarship available to young pipers.

Stuart Sutherland Memorial Scholarship

Stuart Sutherland was so pleased to have three pipers, two drummers, two Highland dancers, and a fiddler in his family.  He had always fully embraced his Scottish heritage, and deeply treasured the opportunity to be a Pipe Band dad throughout son Hugh’s years in the White Hackle Boys’ Pipe Band.  He wasn’t too sure at his first experience with the piping lessons.  He came home from observing the very first chanter practice session reporting, with a twinkle in his eye, that “They sound like a bunch of wasps.”  Happily it all evolved into a wonderful, enriching part of our lives, and there was never a prouder dad or grandfather. Stuart’s family – Ruth, Hugh, Leanne and their families hold PHSD in very high esteem.  We are honoured to present this one-week scholarship in Stuart’s memory to a young, promising piper.

Sutherland Family Scholarship

Over a 10 year period, 5 of the Sutherland family ranging over 3 generations attended Piping Hot Summer Drummer for Piping, Dancing and Fiddling. Through this Scholarship we express our gratitude to Jack and Terry Lee for all they have done to promote the Scottish Arts in Canada. We are offering this Scholarship to a young, hardworking piper enabling them to benefit from this exceptional experience.

Waugh Family Scholarship

This scholarship has been kindly by the Waugh family. Bob Waugh was a committed piper and Helen continues to be a great piping and drumming enthusiast. This is a full one-week tuition scholarship to PHSD for a piper or drummer. The successful recipient must be a young (under25) and talented competition piper or side drummer who has financial need to pursue his/her hobby of piping or drumming and who either works, teaches or plays gigs to raise money to support their musical hobby.

Winters Family Scholarship

The Winters have enjoyed attending PHSD at beautiful Silver Star resort annually with their 2 children – one piper and one drummer. They would like to encourage more young people from “south of the border” to attend in the future. This scholarship is a full one-week tuition scholarship for any young, American piper.

General Scholarship Fund

This fund exists because of the kind contributions of current and former Piping Hot Summer Drummer participants. These scholarships funds are available to any piper, drummer or highland dancer who wishes to attend to Piping Hot Summer Drummer. These are full or partial tuition-only scholarships.

Letters can be mailed to:

Piping Hot Summer Drummer

#1 - 3354 Horn Street

Abbotsford, BC V2S 7L3

or e-mailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The deadline for scholarship applications is May 1, 2018.